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How to Choose the Best Neighborhood in Dhaka Based on Your Lifestyle?

People in Dhaka always want to brand themselves with a lifestyle away from chaotic zones, as we all know how crowded the city is! The recent population count of Dhaka City stands at 10.2 million residents, and that’s a pretty big number for a relatively small city. Despite its size, Dhaka city is planned with the most amazing residential areas with the right amenities and conveniences. Finding the right or the BEST neighborhood, however, often depends on individual preferences, perceived convenience, and what one considers the nicest area. To lay out an idea, this blog will provide you with the names of the most renowned neighborhoods in Dhaka City, which are highly preferred by residents seeking a valued lifestyle of peace along with the right conveniences nearby.

What makes an area highly resident-friendly?

“Peaceful lifestyle breeds a lively neighborhood.”
As the saying suggests, it is truly the peace that comes from within making a community living together peacefully and in an happening tone of nature. To make a neighborhood convenient for residents, certain amenities should be considered:

Schools & Institutes

One of the biggest reasons why Bengali families choose to move to different areas is to ensure their children stay close to their schools or institutes. The aim is to reduce the commute and lessen the pressure on their children’s travel time, allowing them to have a more enjoyable experience rather than spending a significant part of their day in traffic congestion.

Recreational Areas

Many elderly members of families need to spend time outdoors and get fresh air. Therefore, having lakes or parks near a neighborhood is essential for their peace of mind. These areas provide the right activities for them to live a healthier and happier life. In addition, residents often prefer such areas because everyone enjoys having a field to play sports with their friends or neighborhood kids, making life in the neighborhood much more exciting.

Hospitals or Clinics

One of the basic things to consider when moving into a new neighborhood is the proximity to medical facilities. However, people often overlook this aspect. Fortunately, Dhaka City has its fair share of hospitals and clinics located almost everywhere – having one close to your home is essential so that you are always near help in case of an emergency.

Kacha Bazaar & Super Shops

Bangladesh is a country of rich vegetation, with green vegetables and fresh food items available everywhere. However, living in a neighborhood without access to such fresh food is a disadvantage. Therefore, having a kacha bazaar or supermarkets nearby is essential when living in a neighborhood. Access to fresh foods for daily meals is an important part of the Bengali lifestyle.

Restaurants & Coffee Shops

Restaurants are becoming a big hit for family dinners, and coffee shops are favored by the new generation for working on homework with friends or having group discussions on university projects. Having a good restaurant in your neighborhood enhances the appeal of family outings. As a parent, you can feel relaxed knowing your children are hanging out at a café within your neighborhood with their friends or peers

Know What Amenities Your Neighborhood Has

Knowing what amenities your neighborhood offers is crucial as it simplifies your decision-making process. Once you're aware, you can envision your life in that particular neighborhood and get an idea of the lifestyle it offers. Below, I have listed a few neighborhoods and their amenities – a set of checklists to cross off before you buy a flat. This will help you understand how to evaluate each location.


Dhanmondi is a neighborhood steeped in nostalgia, where the atmosphere feels frozen in time, exuding positive vibes. And this area is surely to knock-off major ticks from your checklist – you’ll know why! As a well-established residential area in Dhaka, Dhanmondi seamlessly combines residential tranquility with easy access to commercial facilities. It is renowned for its harmonious blend of residential and commercial spaces, offering a diverse range of amenities such as schools, hospitals, parks, and shopping centers. In contrast to the bustling commercial hubs of Gulshan and Banani, Dhanmondi is cherished for its relaxed and laid-back atmosphere. Lined with trees and dotted with numerous parks, it is celebrated for its lush greenery and serene ambiance. These qualities make Dhanmondi a preferred choice among residents who value both convenience and tranquility in Dhaka.


  • - Dhanmondi Club
  • - Dhanmondi lake
  • - Shopping Malls
  • - Cinema Hall
  • - Super Shops
  • - Kacha Bazaar
  • - Masjids


  • - Ibn Sina Specialized Hospital
  • - Central Hospital Ltd.
  • - Anwer Khan Modern Medical College
  • - LABAID Specialized Hospital


  • - Mastermind English Medium School
  • - Sunnydale
  • - Scholastica
  • - Maple Leaf Intl. School
  • - Oxford Intl. School
  • - Dhanmondi Tutorial
  • - European Standard School


These areas are renowned for their upscale neighborhoods, luxurious homes, and comprehensive amenities. Gulshan is a stunning blend of residential and commercial spaces, characterized by high-rise buildings and some of the most exquisite residential complexes offering serene lake views and peaceful areas away from the city's hustle and bustle. For anyone living in Bangladesh 'Gulshan' holds significant meaning – it is considered a prestigious area of Dhaka, replete with high-end amenities. As a diplomatic enclave, it hosts numerous embassies and is home to a large expatriate community who find the lifestyle offerings comparable to those in their home countries. Now, if you're looking for a neighborhood that offers a posh and luxurious lifestyle, be prepared to cross out some of the most desirable amenities and conveniences from your list. Let's see what they are.


  • - Gulshan Club
  • - Gulshan Society Lake Park
  • - Justice Shahabuddin Ahmed Park
  • - Gulshan Society Jame Masjid


  • - Cure Medical Center & Hospital
  • - United Hospital Ltd.
  • - Fairways Medical Centre Ltd.
  • - BANGLADESH DIABETIC SHOMITY (Gulshan Healthcare Centre)
  • - York Hospital
  • - South Point School & College
  • - Grace Intl. School
  • - Playpen
  • - Australian Intl. School
  • - Manarat Dhaka International School & College


Banani is located within Dhaka’s City Center and serves as both a business hub and a residential area with bustling amenities. It has the right amount of activity, where people are always in a lively mood, with easy access to various amenities, whether it's dining at a restaurant, visiting a park, or enjoying the lakes. Kemal Ataturk Avenue is the business center of Banani, featuring high-rise buildings and shopping malls. It's the 'Town Hall' of the area, where you can find everything you need, from pharmacies and hotels to restaurants, business centers, and banks. The residential areas mirror the neighborhood of Dhanmondi, offering a similar ambiance. However, the residential buildings here are more modern, incorporating the latest technologies and sustainable building practices. When you hear the word downtown, Banani fits perfectly with its vibe. It's where all the lively and happening events take place while offering you the the luxury of proper amenities for residential living. What are they, you may ask? Let's take a look!


  • - Banani Club
  • - Banani Super Market
  • - Banani Lake
  • - Boishakhi Park


  • - Banani Clinic Limited (Specialized Hospital)
  • - Nafa Medical Centre


  • - Banani Bidyaniketan School & College
  • - Canadian International School Bangladesh
  • - Faith International School
  • - Chittagong Grammar School Dhaka
  • - Canadian Trillinium School

Bashundhara Residential Area

Bashundhara is one of the finest gated neighborhoods, offering all the amenities needed for community living. It boasts top-notch security, with dedicated teams patrolling the area day and night, making it safe to take a stroll around the neighborhood even during late hours. If you are looking for a safe neighborhood to settle down in, Bashundhara R/A is the ideal place. It offers the benefits you want for your children, allowing them to roam freely without fear or hassle. The high level of security ensures a peaceful lifestyle, free from unexpected incidents.


  • - Kacha Bazaar
  • - Dhaali Fitness Center
  • - Football Turfs
  • - Restaurants & Cafes


  • - Evercare Hospitals Bangladesh

Schools & Universities:

  • - North South University
  • - Independent University, Bangladesh
  • - HURDCO Intl. School
  • - Playpen
  • - Sunnydale
  • - Viqarunnisa Noon School & College


There’s a misconception about Uttara that everyone considers the neighborhood to be on the outskirts of Dhaka. However, this is completely wrong. Uttara is, in fact, inside Dhaka and is considered a well-facilitated neighborhood on its own. Living in Uttara, you may never need to leave the area since it offers everything you need. It’s a business center with numerous large shopping malls. Additionally, it has all the local shops, from Kacha bazaars to hardware stores. Essentially, everything is available just a stone’s throw away. Moreover, the Dhaka expressway and Dhaka metro rail have made it even easier for anyone to travel anywhere from Uttara to any other neighborhood in Dhaka City. It has become more convenient to live in Uttara, as people used to find it a hassle because it used to take longer to travel from Uttara to other parts of the city.


  • - Each Sector in Uttara has a Park
  • - Uttara Lake
  • - Uttara Club


  • - Uttara Crescent Hospital
  • - Greenland Hospital Ltd.

Schools & Universities:

  • - Daffodil International School (DIS)
  • - Premier School
  • - Bangladesh International Tutorial 
  • - Scholastica
  • - South Breeze School
  • - DPS STS School Dhaka
  • - Sunbeams School


Living and settling down in a neighborhood is a longer commitment than it seems. Choosing a neighborhood to settle down in is the most essential part of choosing a home because you’re sheltering yourself in a home, but you’ll be growing with the neighborhood. Thus, it makes perfect sense to ensure you’re planning thoroughly where you are going to live. For instance, if you’re a working-class man or have a business, you’d want to live somewhere nearby your workplace. Similarly, if you’re a family man, you’d want the neighborhood to have renowned schools so your children can get the right education and become capable human beings. Following those considerations, you’d want your neighborhood to have the perfect amenities such as lakes, parks, fields, restaurants, and the necessary facilities that make it the perfect place for you and your family to live. Choose rightly, choose wisely!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the benefits of living in Dhaka for expats?

Expatriates and digital nomads residing in Dhaka often value its affordable living expenses, enabling them to manage their finances effectively and lead a comfortable life. They also appreciate the city's rich cultural heritage, vibrant markets, historical landmarks, and lively festivals.

What is special about Dhaka?

The rich culture, the liberation history, the food culture, and the leading industries as well as among the other developments it is bringing to the world.

Why is Dhaka so crowded?

Residents from nearby cities relocate to Dhaka seeking improved economic prospects and a higher quality of life, aiming to achieve financial success more quickly. Additionally, Bangladesh's high birth rate contributes to the population growth in Dhaka City.


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