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Things to Check Before Buying a Flat in Dhaka

If you’re considering buying a flat in Dhaka, now is the right time to do so. The Bangladeshi real estate sector is rapidly expanding, with new projects emerging in key neighborhoods across the city. As Dhaka grows, so does the availability of tech-infused residential buildings and sustainable, green architecture. The beautifully structured exteriors and interiors of these buildings are major attractions for prospective buyers. Additionally, selecting the right neighborhood that aligns with your preferences is crucial. However, these factors alone shouldn't be the only considerations when purchasing a flat in Dhaka. Let’s explore the important aspects you need to consider when choosing and buying your home.  

What Are The Legal Factors?

Before we explore other factors let’s go deep into knowing what are the legal factors you’d need to check in before purchasing an apartment in Dhaka. Prospective customers, like yourselves, often have significant legal concerns when buying a flat for the first time. Common challenges include dealing with inexperienced brokers, navigating complex legal regulations, understanding property ownership details, addressing title defects, and managing related matters. However, you can easily minimize these issues by ensuring you are accompanied by the right broker who can assist you with the legal aspects before finalizing a purchase. Below is a comprehensive guide outlining the essential legal documents that buyers must thoroughly review when purchasing a flat in Dhaka.  

Title Deed

The title deed is a crucial legal document that establishes ownership rights over a property. It grants the owner the authority to utilize, modify, or transfer the property. Before purchasing a flat, the buyer must verify the original title deed to ensure it correctly identifies the seller and confirms their exclusive right to sell the property. Legal scrutiny by a qualified lawyer is advisable to confirm the authenticity of the title deed, you never know who’s trying to scam you.  

Mother Deed

The mother deed is the primary legal document that traces the ownership history of a property from its inception. Therefore, serving as evidence of ownership to help identify any legal gaps in the property's ownership lineage. Obtaining and thoroughly scrutinizing the mother deed is essential for buyers to ascertain the property's legality.  

Sale Deed

The sale deed is the principal document that legally transfers ownership of the property from the seller to the buyer. The sale deed outlines all the terms and conditions of the transaction. Before finalizing the purchase, buyers should carefully examine the sale deed to ensure there are no legal ambiguities or undisclosed conditions. Then again, a legal review by a lawyer can help uncover any potential pitfalls in the sale deed.  

Building Approval Certificate (BAC)

Before commencing construction, property developers in Dhaka must obtain a building approval certificate from RAJUK (Rajdhani Unnayan Kartripakkha). Therefore, potential buyers, such as yourself, must verify if the construction adheres to the approved design specifications to avoid potential legal repercussions, including demolition in extreme cases.  

No Objection Certificates (NOCs)

You must consult with the seller of the apartment or the land to obtain NOCs from essential service providers such as WASA (Water Supply and Sewerage Authority), Gas, and DESCO (Dhaka Electric Supply Company) before selling the property. This is essentially done by the buyers to ensure all necessary NOCs are obtained to avoid future service disruptions from these utilities.  

Utility Bill Papers

As a buyer, you must collect and verify utility bills (Water, Gas, Electricity) to confirm that all dues related to the flat have been settled by the previous owner or the real estate agents. Failure to address outstanding dues may lead to service disruptions by utility providers after the purchase, moreover, it will put you in debt to settle the previous bills.  

Factors to Check Before Buying a Flat in Dhaka

Navigating Your Preferred Neighbourhood

Dhaka City has some of the best neighborhoods for ideal living. When buying an apartment or land, it's important to remember that this is an investment. Purchase property in areas where land or flat prices are expected to rise, so it acts as a valuable asset for you. Land and apartment buying is indeed an investment! Moreover, your neighborhood should include essential amenities and conveniences. Since you’ll be living there, and especially if you’re a family person, you’ll want your family members to benefit from the local amenities. These include facilities such as markets (kacha bazaar), shopping malls, parks, lakes, and even sports fields where your children can play. Additionally, your choice of neighborhood should consider the ease of commuting and transportation within the city. Look for areas with easy access to the Dhaka Express Highway and Dhaka Metro Rail for convenient travel.

Some Mentionable Neighbourhoods You Should Look Into:

  1. Gulshan
  2. Banani
  3. Dhanmondi
  4. Uttara
  5. Bashundhara R/A

Check The Architecture & Structure

Well, knowing the planning of the building structure and architecture is crucial. This is due to natural disasters, such as earthquakes – real estate companies must use technology to withstand strong earthquakes. Ensure that the structure is properly designed and built. Additionally, the architecture must be designed to allow easy evacuation in case of other emergencies, such as fires.  

Safety and Security Measures

Let’s face it, Dhaka is not completely free from crime; burglaries and theft are common. However, no one dares take that risk in certain areas where security is very tight. This is why, when you are considering buying an apartment, you must check the security protocols of the building as well as the neighborhood’s security. For instance, neighborhoods such as Gulshan, Banani, Bashundhara, and other well-known areas have ample security cameras surrounding the buildings and the surrounding areas. Additionally, there should be capable security guards who monitor the building 24/7.  

Proper & Necessary Utilities Facility

It’s a problem for newer residential building projects to receive proper utilities of water, gas, and electricity all the time. However, this is not the case for all parts of Dhaka, but only some. When you’re looking for an apartment to buy in Dhaka, you must be aware of these factors; otherwise, life may become more troublesome than peaceful in your own home. That said, it’s not the early 2000s anymore, so these utility issues are not as problematic. Load-shedding occurs, but it is very rare. Additionally, apartment buildings now come equipped with generators to power the flats during those times.  

Open Space of The Apartment

Everyone dreams of an apartment that is south-facing and allows ample daylight to enter during the daytime. Buying an apartment that is crowded by neighboring buildings won’t allow light or breeze to enter from all sides; you’ll likely only get air and daylight from the front side, which is not ideal when purchasing a flat. Especially in the summer heat waves in Dhaka's climate, living in a poorly ventilated flat can be unbearable. Therefore, buyers should carefully examine the ventilation and natural light in the flat before deciding to purchase.  

Credibility & Reliability of The Real Estate Agents

A reputable company in the industry will strive to provide you with the amenities you deserve, making it essential to verify the credibility of real estate agents to secure the best deal on your apartment. From handling legal aspects to assisting with your move into your dream apartment, a reliable developer offers a complete package. This ensures a guarantee of after-sales services as well. When you're confident in your choice of real estate agents, look no further.  


Let's take a synopsis of the whole process, shall we? You want your dream apartment, purchased from premium developers at a prime location, for that desired premium lifestyle. First, check your budget, the size of the flat, and the location – this simplifies your wants to meet your budget. Next, research essential details about the apartment to ensure everything aligns with your preferences before making a decision. Then, choose the right real estate agents who can help you secure apartment loans, negotiate the price, and offer attractive installment options with a manageable down payment. These agents will also assist you with legal matters and the handover process, navigating the legal paperwork hassle-free until you move into your new home. Additionally, look at price trends for apartments based on location, size, and amenities. Conducting this research will make your purchasing power more effective and satisfactory.  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I buy an apartment in installments?

If you're unable to make a full upfront payment and prefer a steady monthly payment, you can opt for installment payments.

What are the disadvantages of Instalments?

Well, there are a few potential issues: impulsive spending, the risk of late payment fees, lack of flexibility in payment timing, possible impact on consumer loan eligibility, spending money that isn't currently available, and the need to check minimum credit score requirements.

What is the difference between owner and co-owner?

Co-ownership of an apartment involves joint ownership by two or more parties. In this setup, all owners are named on the property's title, indicating that each possesses a defined percentage of ownership.

Do flats have good resale value?

Well-maintained apartments command better resale value due to factors such as location and views. Regular maintenance is crucial for preserving your property's value.


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